By Ali Akram Al Bayati

Turkmen territories for three occasions after Da’esh invasion of some Iraqi lands since June 2014 , was the main reason to unify all Iraqi forces.

It was 1st time at August 2014 when all Iraqi military units, including Iraqi army, federal police, Hashd Al Shabi ( including newly formed Turkmen Hashd or PMF) and peshmerga, which all fought Da’esh together to free “Amerli” the Turkmen town which have faced an aggressive besiege by Da’esh for 83 days. The successful operation liberated nearly (36) villages and towns was occupied by Terrorists gangs around Amerli. The offensive was supported by Iraqi and US airstrikes. European aircrafts supported the operation too by humanitarian aids.

The second shared operation was at April 2016 when Turkmen Hashd supported by Iraqi Hashd together with coverage from coalition and Iraqi aircrafts, and participation from Peshmerga.This shared operation liberated Basheer village which was a place for criminal acts against Turkmen at June 2014.

The third  operation with the same forces was at Mosul operation and exactly at Tellafer where yesterday all Iraqi forces including Iraqi army ( brigade 92 and 15) federal police and Iraqi PMF( including Turkmen, Christian, Yazidi, Shabaki and Sunni tribal PMFs) met  at Tellafer-sinjar joining point to fight together and liberate the western part of Mousl as “single hand to hand unified Iraqi force.

 This is very important message that Iraqi people can live peacefully together and they have the same enemy which targets all. Iraqi Turkmen can play a great role in the unity and stability of Iraq.