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TRF delegate visits German embassy at Baghdad


According to an invitation from German embassy at Baghdad, Turkmen rescue foundation visited today the embassy and met with deputy head of German mission at Baghdad Mr Oliver Kenberg to discuss humanitarian and political issues in Turkmen lands and seeking for more European role in Turkmen lands.

Murtaza Hasan … An answer for any one asking how is Daesh defeated in Iraq??

A picture of Murtaza Hasan as published by Da’esh media while he was captured at Basheer

Perhaps a lot of nations worldwide , media and International research centres was surprised asking , What is the secret behind the successive cruel defeat Of criminal Daesh, after an initial military progress represented by the fall of many provinces and vast lands in Iraq and Syria together with defeat of  the well trained and armed brigades and forces in a very short time. We believe that without those who will talk about, Da’esh was able to hit all the surrounding countries of Iraq and Syria, and was capable of ruling all the region, in front of negligence and the failure of its rulers and plotting on their people.

The secrete in all that is not the wisdom of Arab governments in the region and the ruling political class’ experience, nor the presence of military experience and a perfect army, but it is the ” faith and jealousy,” the faith in God, religion, creed, land and homeland and the jealousy on the families, loved ones, honor and dignity.

Yes, it is these two qualities and the  characteristics was behind the movements of hundreds of thousands of young people in the flower age, who have nothing , but their lives and their bodies , who left their homes and families and every thing they own and started crawling toward the monsters of ignorance, criminality and darkness, “Daesh ” .

They responded to urgent call of homeland and honor and answered appeal of “Marjaia ” for the defence of lands and dignity after failing the political class that was supposed to lead the country toward peace.

We would like to tell you one of the thousands of stories that tell us the story of “a weapon of belief and jealousy” which fought Daesh.

It is a story of “Murtaza Hasan Zainalabdeen ” 26 years old young man, from an educated family, his father is an old doctor. His life was not lacking anything , he married a few months ago, he was with his wife, like all new married partners are dreaming to build a small happy family and live his life with his family members.

Murtaza belongs to a Turkmen family from the city of Tuz Khormatoo (180 km north of Baghdad), the city, which is regarded the School of heroes with honourable histories. All neighbourhoods of the city and their homes tells us the stories of his sons who have over all times resisted oppression and persecution and scarified for the right. For that reason the city of Tuz khormatoo is still targeted by all those who wants to impedes the sound of right. The city of Tuz khormatoo is still outside the defeat equation .

Murtaza was one of the group of youth in this city who decided to be a lesson and a school for all youth in Tuz khormatoo, the city that has not seen peace since 2003, as a result of the continued targeting by criminality, terrorism and the weakness of the local and central governments and their failure to protect the lives of innocents.

Murtaza’s team decided to protect their city with their hands, their enthusiasm and faith and their bodies and souls.

They started to work at a time and place was not easy for the Turkmen youth to hold a weapon in a city ruled by systematized Gangs. They resisted and defended their city against all risks and dangers.

When the village of Basheer (south western of of Kirkuk, 280 km north of Baghdad, with a Turkmen majority ) invaded by Da’esh and thousands of families enforced to leave the city and marched to the north and south of Iraq. Basheer was the place of successive massacres over the history, with last one when Daesh gangs committed a brutal crimes of unspeakable cruelty where they slaughtered the men and boys ( around 30 ) , raped women and girls ( around 11 ) and killed and burned their bodies then used to Hang them on electricity poles .

Murtaza and his team were unable to control themselves for the revenge of the criminals, for that reason they decided and headed to the village on June 29, 2014 by all members of the proud group aiming either to defeat Da’esh and bring the bodies of these women and girls, or to be Martyred for the land and honor.

This confrontation were not an easy one, where Da’esh with its aggressive weapons, lethal and destroyer tanks and armoured vehicles as well as snipers deployed all over the village and the the young boys with their light and medium guns and weapons.

All the members of the combatant group been killed at the same day and their bodies remained on the land of the village of Basheer, till the liberation of the village on the hands of the PMF at 10th April 2016, two years after its invasion by Da’esh, when they retrieved the bodies of all martyrs, except one , who was , “Murtaza Hasan” as they did not find it .

It seems that the story , which is talked about “Murtaza ” and his penetrating the depth of Daesh in Basheer was true, where he has been captured after the martyrdom of all friends, as Daesh later published pictures of the slaughtering of “Murtaza” with a knife.

In spite of the constant search the body of the young boy “Murtaza” was not found till 12 October 2016, where members of PMF in Basheer found parts of his body, his clothes and his severed head in the same place where he has been slaughtered according to  the images published by Da’esh media.

This is one of the thousands of stories for the Iraqi youth heroes who drew the greatest courage and jealousy stories on the earth , for those who do not know the reason for defeat of Daesh in Iraq.

Turkmen lands unify Iraqi forces

By Ali Akram Al Bayati

Turkmen territories for three occasions after Da’esh invasion of some Iraqi lands since June 2014 , was the main reason to unify all Iraqi forces.

It was 1st time at August 2014 when all Iraqi military units, including Iraqi army, federal police, Hashd Al Shabi ( including newly formed Turkmen Hashd or PMF) and peshmerga, which all fought Da’esh together to free “Amerli” the Turkmen town which have faced an aggressive besiege by Da’esh for 83 days. The successful operation liberated nearly (36) villages and towns was occupied by Terrorists gangs around Amerli. The offensive was supported by Iraqi and US airstrikes. European aircrafts supported the operation too by humanitarian aids.

The second shared operation was at April 2016 when Turkmen Hashd supported by Iraqi Hashd together with coverage from coalition and Iraqi aircrafts, and participation from Peshmerga.This shared operation liberated Basheer village which was a place for criminal acts against Turkmen at June 2014.

The third  operation with the same forces was at Mosul operation and exactly at Tellafer where yesterday all Iraqi forces including Iraqi army ( brigade 92 and 15) federal police and Iraqi PMF( including Turkmen, Christian, Yazidi, Shabaki and Sunni tribal PMFs) met  at Tellafer-sinjar joining point to fight together and liberate the western part of Mousl as “single hand to hand unified Iraqi force.

 This is very important message that Iraqi people can live peacefully together and they have the same enemy which targets all. Iraqi Turkmen can play a great role in the unity and stability of Iraq.

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